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Whether your goals are to take better pictures for your family or you are pursuing photography as a business, I offer several services to help you grow in your craft:


ONLINE MENTORSHIP:  $250-hour with content tailored to your specific needs.  Q&A, portfolio reviews, on-going projects, you name it!  

IN-PERSON MENTORSHIP:  If I am in your area or you are in mine we can meet for coffee and discuss photography for 2 hours.  This mentorship includes a follow up Skype call.  $600. (Photographers often combine a mentorship with a Family Storytelling Session).

THE DEFINE SCHOOL: My photography courses Visual Storytelling and Real Life Still Life are offered through The Define School’s subscription based platform. Subscribers have access to all the classes + all of the teachers all of the time in a members only forum. Visit The Define School for more information.

Molly is a consummate professional in her art form and so, this translates well in the area of criticism. It can be difficult to see the specific areas in our own work that need developing. Molly was specific, practical and above all, honest in her criticism: something I welcomed.
— Carole Ann
I can tell you honestly that I’m a changed & better person (not just photographer) for it. Molly is about the most down to earth, genuine, real–not to be confused with the cliche’ version of real!–human. The entire experience was such a gift.
— Jen
Because of the clarity I now have, I don’t have to look to others to tell me what to do or how close I am to “getting there.” I have everything I need to create my own plan of action.
— Courtney
The whole mentorship felt like a warm embrace, someone lovingly guiding me through the meanders of what’s important in photography.
— Karolina
I am SO grateful to Molly for being so welcoming, honest, humble, and open- you’ll feel like good friends within the first email!
— Liz
Molly was able to give me a genuine, caring, encouraging and honest critique on my work and website. This is exactly what I needed to sharpen my vision and refocus on who I am as a photographer. The video chats were fun and time efficient. We were able to chat and get to photography questions quick, as well as talk about our lives, and get to know each other at a personal level. I’d recommend this mentorship to any aspiring photographer. I am truly grateful for the time and experience… it is keeping my passion alive, and motivates me to do more.
— -Christine