Summer 2018 Travel Locations | Family Storytelling Photographer

I miss my mom.  She lives in Washington State and I live in South Carolina, so we are planning a road trip out west to visit her this summer! 


If everything comes together we are currently planning to be in:

  • Knoxville, Tenessee 
  • Columbus, Ohio 
  • Kansas City, Missouri 
  • Kalispell, Montana 
  • Sheridan, Wyoming 
  • Seattle/Mt Vernon, Washington 
  • Portland, Oregon 
  • San Jose, California

We will be passing through/near lots of places and are always up for a detour. So if you would like more information about whether a session could work for your family, please let me know! A 2-3 hour Storytelling Session in/around your home is $1525.    

You don't have to have a perfect family, an immaculately kept home, or the body of an 18 year old (in fact, I don't think I would want to photograph you if you did have all of those things!). Muffin tops, beige walls, and grumpy kids are not only tolerated but WELCOMED. I will not make your life look perfect. I will not use my camera to create an alternate reality where everything is rainbows and kittens. But I will tell the truth. I will recognize mundane moments that tell a deeper story of family life. I will respect your quirks and failings and gifts. And I will give you photos that honestly represent this season of your life.  

If you are interested in learning more about investing in having your family's story visually documented, I would love to hear from you! 

Molly Flanagan