The Swanson's Story in Minneapolis

Without boring you with the details, I broke my old website and have had a painfully difficult time transferring all of my content over to a new Wordpress site. After many months of extremely frustrating dead ends I have laid my old site of 7 years to rest.

RIP, old friend.   

Over the past few months of blog silence, I discovered I have more obsessive-compulsive tendencies than I realized. The thought of sharing my client work SOLELY on Facebook or Instagram made me shudder.  It just felt wrong -- and incomplete --  and I could not bring myself to do it.  Not at all a smart business move, as I have turned myself into a cyber-hermit.  Now I am more than 6 months behind on sharing and have forgotten how to put my thoughts into words.  So here goes nothin'... 

This summer my husband, kids and I packed up our Tahoe and a little camper and we spent 77 days traveling around the U.S.A.  I had several Family Storytelling Sessions along the way, where I was able to spend a few hours with each family documenting their day.  No posing or manipulating, just seeing how things played out.   

Which brings me to the below pictures.  Sarah Swanson is an AMAZING photographer (and amazing human being) that took my Visual Storytelling class a couple of years ago.  When I met her in class, I immediately began to daydream about photographing her family, so I can't even tell you how excited I was when it worked out for me to actually do it when we passed through Minneapolis.  Sarah's husband is a pastor in the Northside of Minneapolis where they live in this cool 100 year old house and have basically an "open door" policy with all of the neighborhood children.  Jump ropes and popsicles and lots of laughter.  The Swanson's are a beautiful example of taking an ordinary life and making it extraordinary and I am so grateful that our paths crossed.  

You can click HERE to see galleries of some of my favorite Family Storytelling Sessions.