The Dickson's Story in Niddrie, Scotland

This Spring I was able to photograph a missionary family to Niddrie, a suburb of Edinburgh. When I told people in Scotland I was spending the night in Niddrie. They would twist their faces up a bit and reply, "NIDDRIE? Why?!" Not your typical tourist town, Government Housing was built in Niddrie in the 1920s to house folks arriving in droves to Scotland to mine coal. The town soon became one of the most drug ridden communities in Scotland. In recent years, an effort to regenerate Niddrie has done away with the old government housing structures and many folks have been relocated to other places, leaving those left behind with a shattered sense of community as everything around them is changing. The Dicksons, originally from South Africa and Wales, left their careers to minister to folks in Niddrie, where they lived in a small flat with their three young boys.  They have recently moved on to another part of Scotland where they are planting a church.  

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